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“Why I remained a virgin till old age” – 70-year-old woman reveals secret

Why would a woman maintain her virginity until she is old, weak, and grey?

Did she not get interest from men at all?

A 70-year-old woman has resorted to social media to explain why she has kept her virginity until now.

The 70-year-old woman confessed to Afrimax what had led to her position and how she had spent her entire life alone.

She claims she was born as a typical child, but severe problems surfaced years later since she was still crawling and unable to walk.

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She gave up walking after having walking aids and has been crawling ever since.

She mentioned that no male came for her and that she didn’t have the energy to be in a relationship.

She decided to become a nun after realizing she might not be able to find a guy in her life, but she couldn’t since she didn’t meet all of the requirements.

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