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Unnecessary hype doesn’t last for long — Amandzeba

Beef is a magic wand for certain musicians, especially ones who rarely release successful tunes. All they have to do is wave it in the air, and they’ll be trending in no time. And they keep doing it over and over in order to remain relevant. Veteran Highlife musician Amandzeba, on the other hand, believes that a great musician does not need to ride on issues in order to be in the spotlight.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Amandzeba noted that a successful musician should let his or her songs speak for itself rather than relying on short-term excitement.“Nigerian musician Fela was very controversial but only in his songs. He addresses issues with his songs and that is a true musician. The likes of Bob Marley, Lucky Dube did positive songs that tackled issues. According to Amandzeba, any musician who is fond of riding on controversies to stay relevant should find another profession. “Any musician who stays relevant through controversy must find another profession because such people are not musicians. “A musician should address issues that affect the society in their songs but not go around speaking on just any issue and insulting his fellow artistes to be relevant,” he said.


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