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Unleash all the moans, they sometimes restrict during intercourse. Actress tells men (Watch)

Ghanaian actress, Ama Serwah who doubles as a professional fashion designer has advised men to unleash all the moans they sometimes restrict during intercourse.

In her opinion, a lot of men suppress sexual moans because they feel it undermines their masculinity.

Amma Serwah expressed this opinion while speaking to host, Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult show ‘In Bed with Adwen.’

She then adds that moans from men spice up the intercourse as it’s a great turn-on for women.

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“To the men, please I am begging you in the name of God, don’t hold your moan. Moan for us. There’s nothing nicer than hearing your man moan when you’re sucking his d*ck. Even if he’s not touching you, you will get wet just from hearing him moan”, she said.

Amma confessed that just like men get more aroused when they hear their lady moaning, women also get the same effect when they hear them moan be it while thrusting, while receiving bj or hand job or even during foreplay.

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“When you’re about to have sex with a lady and you moan f*ck under your breath while penetrating, if she is already wet, she will get ten times wetter just by hearing or knowing that you’re enjoying it too. It is not only for women to moan so please don’t hold back your moans”, the actress further advised.


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