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Two Guys In A Car Hit 27-Year Old Lady – Dump her Body In A Bush to Die at Abokobi.


Jun 13, 2021 ,

Two coldhearted guys have killed a young 27-year old lady in brutal fashion after they hit her with their car and dumped her in a to die.

The shocking incident reportedly occurred last week around area.

Reports say Alice was knocked down by a car at the barrier around 4pm on June 7th. The driver and a companion in the car were forced by witnesses to stop and cart the injured lady to the hospital.

However, none of those around was willing to go with the two so it was up to them to send the girl to the hospital by their own.

Unfortunately, it appears they decided they didn’t have time to do the decent thing and dumped the lady in a bush around Abokobi.

She was later found dead from her injuries. The family of the lady has thus called on the public, especially those around during the accident, to help find the perpetrators.

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