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Tuo Zaafi seller stirring her soup with broom


A video of a woman preparing food with broom to sell has popped up the internet which has caused massive stir online.

A food seller who had options to use the right cooking tool for her soup chose to use an unconventional tool to probably get it done with ease.

In a viral video sighted online, a food seller was captured using a broom to stir the soup she was preparing in addition to the Tuo Zaafi for commercial sale.

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Tuo Zaafi, has its origin from the Hausa Language. Tuo Zaafi is a staple food in the northern parts of Ghana and unlike other local foods, such as banku, fufu, and yam, T.Z it is quite soft and less sticky and is made by cooking the corn dough and adding a little cassava.

The vendor who was preparing the food for commercial purposes was seen stirring the soup with a broom.

Watch the video below;

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