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Outcome Of UTAG & MoE’s Meeting Today.


Feb 10, 2022

The National Executive Council of the University Teachers Association of Ghana today 10th February, 2022 met with  the Ministry of Education for the second time in a week over the ongoing strike actions engaged in by the teacher union.

However, the meeting which was aimed at finding amicable solutions so UTAG could return back to the lecture halls  has yet again ended in a stalemate as the National Executive Council of UTAG wasn’t convinced with the proposal made by the MoE.

On the other hand too, the National Labour Commission and the University Teachers Association of Ghana are in court today to report how far they have gone in trying to settle this issue out of court as advised by the court on 3rd February, 2022

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UTAG has since 10th January,2022 embarked on strike after the government failing to implement some agreed conditions of service agreed in 2012..

In trying to resolve this matter, there’s been series of meetings between UTAG and NLC which have all ended fruitless to the extent of NLC suing UTAG in court.

The court on 3rd February 2022, advised the two parties to settle the issue out of court in  the 1st hearing which went on on the 3rd February,2022 and ordered for results a week later on 10th February,2022.

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