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National Service personnel Appeal to government for Increment Of allawa

Some National Service members want the government to reconsider increasing their monthly allowances.
They claim that the current monthly allowance of 559 cedis is insufficient to cover the rising cost of living in the country.

The outgoing president of national service personnel for Northern, North East, and Savannah Regions, Abukari Eliassu Kurabaso, told the media after a visit to the Mole National Park as part of the National Service Personnel Week celebrations that the current allowance is woefully inadequate.

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“We have seen an increment in the minimum wage rate in the country, but we are yet to see an increase in service allowances. We are making a passionate appeal to the government to increase it a bit for us.”

“We rely solely on the allowance, and it is insufficient, taking into consideration all the expenses we will be making.”

All graduates of Ghana’s tertiary institutions are required by law to serve a year of mandatory service at various institutions throughout the country.

They currently receive a monthly allowance of GH559. The last time a personnel allowance was increased was in April 2017. The allowance was raised from GH350.00 to GH559.04 per



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