Lady Left With Deflated Boobs After Her Implant Exploded (VIDEO)18+


Sophie Anderson, A former Instagram model is going viral after her brєαst literally exploded, after complications surrounding her implant surgery.

Sophie Anderson – who calls herself an actress/comedian/model has been in and out of the hospital following her latest brєαst augmentation surgery. But this time, things went crazy.

Sophie Anderson explained, “For the fourth time having sepsis in a year in my brєαst. Unfortunately, it got so bad this time that I got a pʋss build up.”


The former beauty continued, “After squeezing out all the pʋss in hospital, desperate to save the implant, I was left with necrosis.

The dead skin died and the implant totally came through the skin. The implant pushed the nipple to the side and now I’ve got to have the implant removed to save my body from getting sepsis into my organs.

Sophie who has now launched a GoFundMe account to raise money for reconstruction surgery, added, “My implant exploded last night. I managed to get into hospital but now I’ve got to wait till I can get my reconstruction of brєαst ”

Watch the video below, Viewer discretion advised”

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