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How to Convert Airtime To Mobile Money


Jun 23, 2022

This has not happened to me before but I know a couple of friends who mistakenly buy huge airtime: for instance buying GHC 50 airtime instead of GHC 5 airtime which you don’t need.

Some people also at times send airtime to people instead of money. That is a waste of money because you have to send the money to the person again.

Thanks to MTN mobile money for bringing this new initiative that allows MTN mobile money users to reverse airtime to mobile money.

In case you mistakenly sent airtime instead of money or a wrong airtime transfer was sent to you, this allows you to reverse the transaction to mobile money.

But there are a few things you must note when reversing the transaction and before we

Talk about that, lets learn how to convert airtime reversal for Mtn mobile money


1. Dial *170#

2. Enter 6 to visit your wallet

3. Enter 7 for airtime reversal

4. The transaction amount will appear; enter 1 to confirm the transaction

5. A pop up appears asking you to confirm your reversal of the airtime. Press 1 to confirm.

Now you wait for few minutes as MTN reverse the transaction for you.

To prevent people from abusing this initiative, MTN has put some conditions regarding
The reversal of the airtime transaction to mobile money.

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